Privacy Policy

We are committed to keeping all of your personal information secure at You may read about how we handle your information and keep it safe from intruders and data theft in this privacy statement. Therefore, before purchasing from us, visitors are urged to thoroughly read the privacy policy from beginning to end. Along with other essential features of the website, our “Privacy Policy” is subject to ongoing revisions. This is done to guarantee that you receive the best services possible for a seamless and delightful experience when working with us. retains the right to modify the current policies at any time without providing users with prior notification. The “Privacy Policy” option is located at the bottom of the page, where users can check the most recent policies.

Personal information and medical data

Users must upload their personal information and patient data to our website for registration and verification to be successful. Name, contact information, billing address, email address, and any prescriptions are included. As soon as you upload this data, our website automatically detects it and encrypts it using SSL. As a result, when you shop with us, neither third parties nor hackers can obtain your information.

At, we also enforce stringent HIPAA safety regulations to protect patient medical information. This eliminates the possibility that anyone other than the user could modify or edit the uploaded files.

Employing Cookies

Various cookies are used on our website to aid in better service management. Without putting your personal information in danger, just collects this data for marketing and promotional purposes. The obtained data is often used to track visitor frequency, identify returning customers, and access click-through rates for individual services. Some cookies might also request your location, as this information helps us learn more about how well we perform across different demographic areas. Your data is completely safe with us because we never divulge any of your personal information to any third-party websites or marketing channels.

Advertising and Promotions

We never disclose any client’s private or medical information to unaffiliated websites or for our marketing initiatives. However, clients can contact us in writing and express their interest in participating in our advertising programs if they so choose. Customers may voluntarily provide us with their information, but only after a careful review is made for the intended use. To participate in our campaigns, individuals are asked to provide accurate information and strictly adhere to the applicable rules. never divulges your personal information to anyone; however, there are some circumstances in which we may be forced to. Without requesting or waiting for the patient’s consent, we are required to cooperate with legal authorities’ requests in the event of a request.

Refunds and Returns

When returning damaged or incorrect goods, we accept both refunds and returns as long as they adhere to our specified guidelines. These consist of:

  • A product damaged before delivery or in transit
  • an incorrect product because the desired item wasn’t available.
  • Loss or theft while traveling
  • delivered defective or outdated goods

In such circumstances, the consumer will be required to contact our customer care services as soon as feasible. Within 72 hours of receiving the complaint, our team will start the reimbursement process after successfully verifying the problem. The merchandise may need to be returned and replaced or refunded for 7 to 10 working days.

The product return, however, won’t be accepted if:

  • Any alterations or modifications made to the goods are exchanged after use.
  • Following the return period, processed
  • You can click the Refund Policy tab at the bottom of the page for additional information on our refund procedures.


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