Refund & returns

We reserve the right to make any necessary adjustments to our order return, order cancellation, and order exchange refund policies. We might send out a newsletter to our current users to let them know about our policy change. However, if we neglect to inform you of our policy change, we are not liable. Before completing a transaction, we kindly ask all users to review the terms and conditions of our return policy. All product exchanges, cancellations, and returns are handled following our policy on refunds. It will be assumed that you have read, agreed to, and will abide by the terms of our refund policy if you consent to use our website or place an order. We advise you to avoid using our platform to conduct any transactions if you disagree with our refund rules. We strive to make the user experience for returning, canceling, or exchanging products easy and hassle-free.

Acceptance of a return

Our complete staff of experts ensures the safe and secure packaging and delivery of our goods. Our staff makes sure that your order arrives at its destination on schedule and in perfect shape. Rarely, orders may be misplaced, lost, handled carelessly, or damaged during delivery or transportation. In such circumstances, you can contact our support staff to request a refund.

If the goods you got are flawed, out of date, lost, or insufficient, you are entitled to a refund. To prevent customs complications, we occasionally divide large purchases into smaller shipments and ship them with a gap of 5 to 7 working days. To find out the status of the remaining portion of your order, please contact our support staff if you have only received a portion of it.

Only if the shipment is delayed for more than thirty days are you eligible for a refund. If the order is delayed for more than 90 days and you are from a nation with strong COVID-19 shipping regulations, you may request a refund.

Only seven days after receiving the order may you begin the return process. We reserve the right to reject any refund request after seven days. Once our team has evaluated and determined the authenticity of your refund, they will proceed to process your refund. Any unwarranted and unfounded complaint about the quality of the products may result in the cancellation of any refund or reship request. In such circumstances, we retain the right to take legal action or ban your account permanently.

We can assure you that our team will work to find a quick solution to your problems. We advise you to keep all of your invoices and receipts close at hand. This will enable our staff to handle your inquiry more quickly.

Cases in which a refund is not available include:

  • If you accidentally ordered the wrong product or products,
  • If your physician or pharmacist modified your prescription and you are returning the products as a result,
  • If the batch number of the received goods does not match the requested products, If you have used the product just partially If you have broken the product’s seal or packaging,
  • If the product’s price tag, barcode, and invoice are missing
  • If you supplied a different address by accident,
  • If the products were received on your behalf by someone else or if you were not there when the order was delivered,

Ways of Refunding

The same account from which the original transaction was made will receive the reimbursement sum. For instance, if you used a credit card to buy the item, you will receive your refund at the bank that is linked to your credit card.

Most likely, the reimbursement sum will be credited to your account within 7 to 10 business days. Your bank determines how quickly they will post the cash to your account after we process it on our end. Any inconvenience brought on by that time has been apologized for.


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