The terms of our current shipping policy apply to all shipping transactions made through our website. You confirm that you have read, comprehend, and agree to comply with our shipping policy by placing an order on our website. Our shipping policies may change from time to time, and the updated version will apply to you once it is posted on our website.

Reshipment Policy:

  1. Shipping Techniques

We typically offer free express shipping to all of our covered locations, but occasionally we may need to use conventional shipping practices due to the availability of our delivery partners.

Express delivery offers a quicker shipping option, with an expected arrival time of 7 to 12 working days. With regular shipment, you could receive the products within 10 to 18 working days.

  1. Re-shipment Policy

If you receive incorrect or damaged merchandise, re-shipment is an option. However, you have seven days from the time you get the merchandise to start the reshipment. You must get in touch with our team by phone or email, and after we have confirmed your request, we will start the re-shipment or refund process.

  1. Place of Service

We strive to offer services in Australia. However, some of the areas on our list of unserviceable zones may not receive our delivery services. This includes regions where we are not permitted by law to transport goods or where our logistical partners are not present. Customers can check whether their area is included in our service area list by entering their pin code.

  1. Delivery Address:

When placing a purchase, you must be sure to include your correct delivery and billing addresses, name, landmarks, and other pertinent information. Make sure to double-check all of the information to make sure it is true and correct.

If you don’t give us the right address, we won’t give you a free second shipment or a refund. If you provide an inaccurate address, we are also not responsible for delivery delays or non-delivery.

  1. Getting the goods

Within the anticipated delivery window, our delivery partners will make an effort to deliver your package to the address you provided. Ensure that you get the package the first time. We reserve the right to cancel the delivery if you repeatedly fail to accept it. When processing refunds or reshipments in such cases, we may assess additional shipping or delivery fees. Make sure the delivery is made to the individual whose name is on the goods. Otherwise, you will not be qualified for a refund or reshipment owing to the delivery of incorrect, incomplete, or damaged goods.

  1. Returns

All exchanges for items purchased are handled by our reverse logistics partners. We’ll let our partners know about the return of a product after our staff confirms it. To confirm the time for picking up the merchandise, they will get in touch with you. Our cancellation, return, and refund policies are followed for all exchanges, reshipments, and returns. Please check our webpage for refunds and cancellations.